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What Exactly Is Hydrogen Water?

Hydrogen Water is just your normal everyday water, but infused with extra hydrogen molecules (H2). Adding more H2 into your water has NUMEROUS health benefits, and can contribute to your overall well-being, and improve your quality of life!

How you ask?

With hydrogen being able to easily penetrate into your cells, added hydrogen intake can greatly improve your stress levels, which ultimately helps boost your energy, aids against aging and disease, as well as improves your athletic performance!

  • Boosted Energy

    The added hydrogen provides many anti-oxidants while on-the-go, to ensure you have energy throughout your daily routine.

  • Reduce Infmammation/Recovery Times

    Studies show that drinking hydrogen water may reduce muscle fatigue and muscle function decline caused by exercising.

  • Slows Down signs Of Aging

    Scientific research has shown, that more hydrogen content in your water can slow down the aging process, and help prevent wrinkles.

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Is Hydrogen Water Safe To Drink?

Not only is it safe to drink, but there are many benefits to drinking it! Molecular hydrogen is a natural antioxidant found in various foods and beverages.

How Often Can I Drink Hydrogen Water?

You can drink hydrogen water as often as you would like! It can replace all of your regular water consumption.

Can I Use ANY Water With HydroCharge Water Bottle?

It's recommended to use clean and filtered water with your hydrogen water bottle to ensure the best results. Avoid using water that contains additives or impurities, as they may affect the quality of the hydrogen infusion.

How Long Does Hydrogen Water Stay Hydrogenated?

The duration of hydrogenation can vary depending on factors such as temperature, exposure to light, and the quality of the bottle. Generally, hydrogen water is best consumed within a few hours of being produced to maximize its antioxidant potential.

How Do I Clean/Store My HydroCharge Water Bottle?

We recommend hand-washing your HydroCharge water bottle, and make sure it is completely dried. When storing, store away from direct sunlight, with lid removed, to prevent any odors or mildew.

How Does Hydrogen Water Taste?

It has a very neutral taste similar to any other water, but some say it also feels smoother and tastes more pure!

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